26 Jun 2013

Theme Weeks

Do you ever get the same thing happening to you all week? At work it might be the same request from different clients. Or hanging out with friends on different occasions, but they all talk about quitting their job. Sometimes my weeks have themes like this. I find it's the universe's way of telling me something and making damn sure I get the message! At work, it would be a run of practitioners calling me about their patient, and my theme weeks would be copper-toxicity in older women with autoimmune conditions, or heavy metals in kids from the country. It was little lessons for me, so that I could recognise the same pattern in other patients and be able to help their practitioners more. Hence a week would be 'copper-crazies' or 'mental-mercuries' and that would be the theme.

On the home front, it's usually a bit less clear, but often the people I catch up with will talk about the same thing, even though they don't know each other and we meet of different days. This week it's been about babies. Duh. But the theme has been overwhelmingly clear - to realise that this is the hardest thing I might ever do, and to enjoy this time away from work without guilt. Easier said than done! But both friends I saw this week have older babies and they really wished they'd been kinder to themselves, and put less pressure on their lives. I've been working since I was 15 and this is the first extended time off I have had since then. There is a lot of weirdness around that, like I should be going to seminars, reading articles, planning my next career move (which I have of course, I'm a Virgo). But I am trying my darnedest to just 'be'. Feed Ivy, clothe Ivy, get her sleeping (not such an easy task during the day!) and just enjoy her. It'll never be like this again. With the next baby, there will be 2 kids, and by all accounts, that's just chaos!

So the theme this week is to relax, roll with the punches, watch and learn from the baby with all her changes and just appreciate that we are in a position where I don't have to work right now. I am super lucky.

Es ♥

P.S. Little Miss slept through the night last night! I know it's likely to be a one-off at the moment, but still, HOORAY! I woke up with the first plane going over and 6am and had to run into her room to see what the heck was going on! Typical new-parent behaviour :)

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