18 Jun 2013

Spelt Bread

Baking bread at home is just the best! I have a few tried and true recipes and I just love that smell of bread in the oven. 

Baking bread is pretty easy - for me, it's about making the time for it to rise, etc. I have a basic bread recipe that I bake in the crock-pot (super easy, I use this recipe from Simply So Good (the writing is quite amusing), which is great for when people come over. 

This is my second attempt at spelt bread! I used this Spelt Loaf Recipe and it's been working really well. Just gotta factor in the rise times which means it can take an hour and a half or so from go to eat.  

My only issue is that bread is so cheap these days, is it really worth it? Well, if you're into health then I think it is. Baking you're own bread means you control what goes into it (less salt, less preservatives, more grains etc) and you can choose healthy flour options. Spelt is still a wheat flour, but it's an older grain historically, so it's easier to digest for many people a bit sensitive to wheat. It's not gluten-free though, so no good for coeliacs.

As to value, spelt loaf from the grocer is around $7-8. Now my bag of organic spelt flour cost me $7 and I used nearly all of it, not to mention the yeast etc. So, it works out about the same price. But I love baking, so it's worth it. Just need to find a cheaper flour option, like buying in bulk, then we're in business!

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