12 Jun 2013

Peer Pressure!

What is it about doing a food trend that seems to invite such pressure? Or meddling mockery?! You take a break from something for a month, tell people you're doing it, and suddenly everyone wants to tell you why it's stupid or try to tempt you. I've been guilty of it for sure. When people do Oc-Sober or the like I'm in there with a "you'll just binge later on!" or offer them a glass of wine "come on its only a little one". But it's not about giving up forever or going cold turkey because you think it'll be the answer to all your woes. Obviously it's not. It's just a circuit breaker. A chance to examine why we do these things and how we can better handle them going forward. 

Have I eaten sugar in this, my sugar-free June? Yup. A bit. But have the cravings for buckets of chocolate subsided? Sure have. And have I stopped baking cookies for the sake of it? Indeed. So, already I'm considering it a win. Kinda. 


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