17 Jan 2014

Wall Art - decided!

So way back in April last year, I wrote about trying to find an artwork that would go in our bedroom. Well, we moved (again) and there was a still a space begging for some picture-love in our bedroom. Since it's unlikely we will change our bed covers in the near future, I decided to match with the muted and earthy tones of our bed-frame and blanket. Out of all the pictures we took in Tasmania in 2011, I chose one from Cradle Mountain, looking up at it from the other side of the lake. I love this shot. It makes me really calm (perfect for a bedroom) and I feel kinda proud because I took it.

Anyway, thanks to Snapfish and a discount coupon, we had a fun delivery the other day and here it hangs! It'll come with us to the next place and hopefully sit above our bed.

♥ Es

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