15 Jan 2014

Paleo Craze-e-o?

Yep, that's the best I got. Paleo craze-e-o. The lack of bread, sugar and certainly caffeine is clearly having an impact on my thinking skills.

Why would an idiot subject themselves to no chocolate? My gym is doing a 'challenge' for 6 weeks. The aim is to improve fitness markers and overall health. Maybe inspired from people over-indulging over the festive season. Whatever the reason, I decided to ride along, so I've ditched the coffee, the bread, the dairy and the sugar in favour of all things almond meal, vegetable and meat meat meat. Oh and eggs. These paleo junkies go through about 1000 eggs a week.

After the first few days of 3pm sugar headaches (oh yeah, chocolate had definitely become a bit of a daily ritual, much to the dismay of my dentist), I have to say that I did start to feel really good. I mean, it's not carb-free because you can still have potatoes, pumpkin etc. so I don't feel like I'm starving. Certainly when you have 'bunless burgers' (read: giant rissoles) and home-made potato hash browns for dinner, you feel very satisfied.

I normally do have a great diet, but when I fell pregnant, salads just weren't filling me up. If the meal didn't have bread, rice or potato alongside, it didn't even register. And once our little miss was born, well, getting through those long days after many sleepless nights.... chocolate became my new (old) best friend.

It's been about a week and I think breakfast is the hardest. I often just want a small piece of toast and fruit in the mornings, but paleo is all about eggs, bacon, sausages every goddam day. It's just too rich for me (and heart-attacky). So I'm hunting for options. Hence this morning I had a smoothie with almond milk and frozen mixed berries, and one of these muffins below...

Paleo muffins with bacon
I used this recipe, but omitted the honey and added a cup of already cooked bacon (cut into small pieces). It worked quite well. You need to cook on medium heat (about 160 degrees) or you'll burn the outside and the middle will be still wet. Also, I would probably add some herbs next time for added flavour. Being almond flour, it was quite rich so I only needed one (although, I'm sure a morning tea snack may involve another).

I have plans to make sweet muffins (using coconut flour) and even some paleo biscuits. That should get me through!

♥ Es

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