21 Jan 2014

Fairies Live Here

As a kid, I was always playing in the garden; making things then imagining that tiny people would live there. Now I have a little person of my own (and many little people visitors), I am inspired to make a 'real' fairy garden, to add a little magic into our little home. The inpiration also comes from a part of my Tafe course, where I've chosen to lecture on children and 'creative play in nature' so I've been Googling boats made from leaves, rock people craft and sea shell art a lot.

I am thinking I will make our wee fairy garden within a terracotta pot, so it's transportable when we eventually move. I am going to try and make everything from scratch too, unless of course I see a tiny weeny chair or something adorable and I just have to have it...

Here are some inspiration pics to get me going. It's probably not going to get done very soon (thanks Tafe course and small child responsibilities), but it's something to plan anyway. Fun!

Pinterest is great for this. I'm talking here, here and here... just as examples!

♥ Es


  1. My sister and I used to make fairy houses in our garden as well!

    Until one day she told me she'd seen some fairies in my house (which was so exciting! but then she sprayed them with the hose so they went into hers.

    Older sisters are mean.

    1. So mean! I'm sure it made you a stronger person, right?! Can't choose family... unfortunately!