10 May 2013

Things Right Now

  • Photo shoot for bubba on Monday - went really well! Looking forward to pictures in a couple of weeks (sample on left - what a poser!)
  • Got a mug made for mum with a picture of Ivy on it, arrived in time for Mother's Day on Sunday - phew!
  • Ivy has been vomiting and crying more than usual and has green poo. I know, nice huh. But the GP says although she's reflux-y, it's all normal so we're trying to keep her more upright to reduce the up-chucks. So far, it's helping so we will see how we go.
  • Had lunch yesterday at Manly Wharf Bar yesterday and sucessfully breast fed in public. Wasn't a full feed, and I still need to work on my position with Ivy, but it's a start. Wanted to do something holiday-like for P before he goes back to work on Monday.
  • Going out tonight! A friend moved to my 'hood and a few gals are having dinner locally. Literally, at the end of my street.
  • Express success!! Breast pump works, boobs work and P had his first chance to feed Ivy. Hence, the going out tonight - gonna have myself glass or two of wine!
So that's enough to be going on with for now I think. Hopefully seeing some friends tomorrow, and definitely seeing mama on Sunday. First Mother's Day for me!

Es ♥

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