14 May 2013

The Best Laid Plans

P went back to work yesterday, so it was the first day on my own with Ivy. My grand plan was to have mum come over and we would tackle some clothes shopping, chores, cafe time etc.

Here's how that went:

Ivy didn't sleep to well. That is, she cried almost every hour. I was trying to let P sleep 'cos he had to work , so it was all up to me to settle her. I have to say that I was mad at her. Really mad. I love her, but geez, she was testing me! So my day yesterday ended up just sitting around with her, eating what I could grab quickly, then both of us crashing in the afternoon for a long nap.

So, the best laid plans are pretty much out the window at the moment! I guess if you feed, clothe and cuddle your baby that's enough activity for a day. Shopping can wait, and clothes-washing be damned!

Es ♥

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