20 May 2013

June Challenge

So I've probably got enough daily challenges with our little one around, but it's getting easier all the time. And helping me through? Chocolate. Biscuits. Lollies. Ice cream. Not such a big deal, I mean I don't eat that much do I? Then again, I did just have 2 fillings done at the dentist. She said to me, "Floss more and no sugar!"

I can't blame the baby for all of it. I guess chocolate got me though my pregnancy as well. Happy to have a good bit of dark chocolate in my life now and then, or special treat cake, but I've definitely been doing more of a daily indulgence lately. And by lately I mean, um, a long while.

So with a new month brings a new challenge. No sugar! People do Dry-July and Oc-Sober for alcohol, so why not cold-turkey off the sugar for a month? I'm going to keep in the natural sugars in fruit, but not honey - otherwise I'll just put bucket loads of honey in everything! It usually takes me about a week to ween myself off sugar, then I'm back in control, but I'd like to see what benefits I see after a month. So, watch this space. I'm sure some sugar-deprived rage will be hitting these walls...

Es ♥


  1. I don't know how you do it Es! A friend of mine did this (sans new baby) and got lots of ideas on sarah wilson's webpage http://www.sarahwilson.com.au

    xxx Gem

    1. I might only last 2 days! Haha! I'll check out that webpage. Sarah and I go way back... I'll fill you in later! x