9 Jul 2013

Cooks River

We decided on Sunday that we wanted to go for a pram-friendly walk. We thought about the Bay Run, but we've done that a lot, so we looked for a new option. When we lived in Marrickville, we meant to check out the Cooks River walk, but never got around to it. But on Sunday we went down to explore!

It was a perfect winter day - warm in the sun, no rain, just lovely. We drove to Tempe train station, then just a minute or so further south, just over the river. That's the start of the Cooks River Cycle-Way. Going west, it stretches all the way to Homebush. Going east, you can walk or ride to Botany Bay and Mascot. We went west, and walked along the river to the Hurlstone Park area. It was just wonderful. I had to feed Ivy halfway, and I must say that it was the nicest view I've ever had breastfeeding! 

The walk is flat, wide enough for bikes and was full of kids, runners, and people playing sport at all the ovals we passed. We got really excited about Ivy growing up and running around with our (future) dog. Life is good!

Es ♥

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